When I started this series I stated that this has to stop, that we need to start making real changes in our society to push toward an equitable society. A couple of things have bubbled to the surface. Can I be part of The Change?
  1. Fund CUNY. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone is entitled to education. In the 21st Century we need to have a path the includes at least an associates degree for everyone. A well functioning, funded public university is a critical infrastructure for our  city.
  2. It is time to seriously discuss reparations. What is owed? America was built on the sweat of people of color. In this pandemic public budgets are being balanced by releasing the people at the bottom, who are most likely to be people of color. Many are saying that this pandemic has uncovered a radically unequal society. It is time for change. https://nyti.ms/37YQk1a
  3. Policing in America needs to change. It’s more complicated than just pulling the plug. This maps back to CUNY. There are thoughtful scholars in our CJ departments who can help with that.
As we move toward our very different Fourth of July, lets start re-imagining this city and this country.

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