Monthly Archives: November 2021

Deep memories

This article really rocked me this morning:

To those who don’t know, I am a “recovering parent.” My child is 26 and we are very proud of them, they are well launched.  As I read this  I immediately I wanted to tell the author about our baby sling. No straps. Just throw it over my shoulder.   I read  “The Baby Book” by William Sears, I took attachment parenting very seriously.  We went everywhere  with it for about a year.  I believe that their first word was “down.”
I want to tell the author that they are not alone.  I want to tell them about my decision to have just one, because my body began to show signs of what we now call arthritis when my child was maybe 3 or 4.
My spouse and I worked together.  There were only a couple of outstanding moments when parenting called for something I could not do.
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