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Reading platforms and accessibility

I have written about this off and on over the years, but I don’t know if I have shared on the issue of print or digital here recently. I have been an early user of e-books since I got my first e-book.It was on a palm pilot, and it was Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat.” It was at that moment I discovered that I could read hands free. I didn’t have to hold it open.

Over the years I have adopted e-books because paper books were heavy and cumbersome. Yet sometimes I read paper books if I cannot get the book in question digitally.

Fast forward to doing research in a pandemic. I got a book from my local public library in March. I began to freak out about whether it was carrying germs. I bought an e-book of the same title from Amazon.

I have once again revisited the power of hands free. E-books are also available to do text to speech.They can be enlarged and manipulated, which makes them available to people with visual impairment. There are a wide range of material available.

It’s important to acknowledge that print is useful. We are at a moment that many people treasure books. Please enjoy It’s a book. It does not require power, and it’s easy to share.

I need to continue to read print books occasionally. Unfortunately there are still books that are being produced that only available in print. I find myself wondering when this will stop. When I do my next book proposal, I have selected a publisher that offers printed books, but also makes the content available digitally for free. Pacific University Press

Please read the current issue of C&RL News

What really called to me was Mountains to climb: Leadership for sustainable change in scholarly communication by Jon E. Cawthorne. It’s an important call to action for all of us. The author highlights “How to be an antiracist” by Ibrahim X. Kendi, which I have already written about here.There is so much here that we can all learn from.

There are many articles in this issue that are worth reading and really learning from.

My thanks to the folks who put it together.

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