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Never take anything for granted

Not taking anything for granted.

I would love to have all of my friends and family to take a moment and recognize that they are what we call “temporarily able bodied.”  There is a couple at church who have been impacted by this.  I don’t know the story, but he is now a paraplegic.  I have been thinking of them as I suddenly discovered I needed a wheelchair. 

My journey began last Monday. I was rushing home from work, over tired from how far I had already walked. I was pushing my rollator. So I landed with my arms outstretched.  I have a fracture in my left shoulder, but what is more striking is the damage on my right side.  Walking became excruciating.  Even now, four days out, I cannot put weight on my right foot without serious pain.    

I am now in a wheelchair.  That means that going to the bathroom is a project. Going across the apartment for anything is a real chore.  I have also lost range of motion in my arms.  Reaching for something in the cupboard is unthinkable.  I would be up the creek if it weren’t for my beloved husband.  

This to shall pass.  I’m all ready better than I was in the first two or three days.

When I am well, and the wheelchair has been folded and put away, I hope to be grateful that I can get up and refill my water cup. I want to be grateful that I can do chores.  I have a renewed appreciation for what it means to be able bodied. 


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