A Painful Decision

A Painful Decision 

In the Fall of 1994, I was newly pregnant. I was working as a part time librarian at my local graduate school library.  Lets just say that I did not carry well and I left my library in an ambulance.  Lacking sick leave, I resigned a couple weeks later.  

This came into my head the other day as I was thinking about the beastie that now has latched on to me.  It is progressive. I have already said I am getting a feeding tube.  My lungs are under attack.  Next up is my limbs. I am already dealing with weakness in that area.  I love you all, I don’t want to leave BMCC in an ambulance if I can avoid it. If I can, I would like to leave upright.  

So that is why I have announced to HR that I will be retiring effective 8/28/24.  I believe that will be 15 years. I will be creating a plan to use my accumulated leave between now and then.

I have been reminded that many of you are in pain, and wonder what you can do to help.  

First: Treasure your life.  You do not know what the future holds. Those of you that have partners or children, give them some extra love. 

Second: Love our students.  I will not be returning to the one on one appointments. Which leaves a huge gap.  Ask Kathleen how you can help.

Third: Support ALS United of Greater NY so they can support us.  Can you get together a team for the ALS Walk?


One thought on “A Painful Decision

  1. Audra Sbarra says:

    Robin, if there are people from BMCC or anyone else reading this I’d love to be on a team to support you. And I will also do Step One. Sadly, I can’t do step two. And I treasure your wisdom.

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