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Why I need my rollator

I have a mass transit commute.  I take NJ Transit to Newark (most days), and transfer to the PATH. My office is about 5 blocks from the World Trade Center path station.

This morning when I arrived at Newark, the PATH system was shut down. The number of people that move through that system means a shut down is massive crowds within 10-15 minutes.  As I thought about that experience, I realized that I was not afraid of getting knocked over. My “wheels” gave me something to hang onto. (BTW, no worries, these things get sorted out in less than an hour.)

This gets added to the list:

I am accident prone.

I have lumbar arthritis, complicated by my CP. Getting the stuff off my back is critical. It means that I can carry more stuff that would be possible if it were on my back.

It gives me a place to sit as needed.

It keeps me safe in crowds.

So, it’s confirmed. I really do NEED my wheels.


Part of the journey of “adaptive librarianship” is continuing to renew my commitment to self-acceptance.  Can I rejoice in my abilities and let go of my limitations?  Just putting words around it is part of the journey.
I spoke at the CUNY Diversity and Inclusion conference last Friday. I wanted to underline that no one should be judged by outward appearances. So I began with a list of things that I do really well…
Information Structures
Teaching / Mentoring / Love
Management of Details
These are the gifts I bring to the table. Many map back to my librarianship. I am so grateful to have found something that I can do well.
 Particularly writing is more and more important to me recently. Once the current article that I am working on has been accepted, the next project in my disabilities studies research will be a book. Having produced two articles in quick succession, I am ready for the longer format.
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