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What’s missing

What’s Missing
I have taken this virus very seriously because I do not tolerate any respiratory infections easily. This may be due to CP. Early on in the pandemic I found a document from the CDC that listed CP as a risk factor for serious illness. So myself and my spouse have had some pretty strict boundaries since March. So far it is working. I am grateful each day to be well.
This virus is problematic for two reasons. First: A person can be a carrier without appearing ill. Second: They don’t know why some people are hit harder than others. Some have long terms health problems. Some don’t make it. Enough don’t make it that Covid-19 has become a leading cause of death among some age groups in this country. This is a fact.
What about people who know lots of people who have sailed through this virus with no problem? Statistics are meaningless to some people if they don’t lose anybody. Why get a vaccine? As I started thinking about this way of thinking I found a startling lack of empathy. In some ways I find this similar to ableism. Both are based on an assumption of wellness and a lack of concern for people who are not so fortunate. Empathy became a major theme of my research. I don’t know how to teach empathy.
Our book has been delayed. It is now expected in March.

The Heroes of the 21st Century

My reference desk has gone very quiet. During the intersession there are just a couple of us around, so I try to help by sitting with the chat interface open. If I try to multitask to much I will miss the questions when they do come in. So I have been catching up on podcasts.
One of the things that it is interesting to consider is the impact of individuals at the turning points of the world. I truly recommend the most recent episode of this American life. (
The image of the head of vaccine research at the NIH collapsing in tears of joy upon hearing the the vaccine trials were successful is simply precious. The crews that fight wildfires and the doctors and the scientists are the heroes of the 21st Century.
Take what actions you can to stay safe and healthy this holiday season.
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