Stage 2


I am really grateful for the number of people who have expressed concern and best wishes for my well being.  So what follows is a report, in terms of where I am right now. 

First, by the end of the first week I was up out of the wheelchair.  Attention was refocused on my left arm.  I have been in a sling more or less full time since I saw the doctor for the first time on the 19th. 

I saw the doctor again this morning. Progress was noted, but sling will be necessary until the end of July. However there has been one major change.  I can type on my lap.  That means I can show up for work virtually until I get the all clear. 

Once I return to NYC, I will open a conversation with my physiatrist about the disabling muscle spasms that were a feature of the first week. 

I wanted really badly to be past this already.  Nothing doing.  Time to just accept that healing takes time. 


5 thoughts on “Stage 2

  1. Anita says:

    Glad you are on the mend!

  2. Anthony says:

    Glad you are making good progress Robin. Keep healing and resting.

  3. Beth Evans says:

    Glad you are improving. Bit by bit.


    Bit by but.

  5. LaRoi Lawton says:

    Robin: Each day you wake up is a new day, hopefully better that the last. Stay strong in heart; your body will do the rest. Take care of yourself and always keep in mind that you are loved by family, friends and colleagues. Some of us have even been where you are now. You are not alone.

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