What’s missing

What’s Missing
I have taken this virus very seriously because I do not tolerate any respiratory infections easily. This may be due to CP. Early on in the pandemic I found a document from the CDC that listed CP as a risk factor for serious illness. So myself and my spouse have had some pretty strict boundaries since March. So far it is working. I am grateful each day to be well.
This virus is problematic for two reasons. First: A person can be a carrier without appearing ill. Second: They don’t know why some people are hit harder than others. Some have long terms health problems. Some don’t make it. Enough don’t make it that Covid-19 has become a leading cause of death among some age groups in this country. This is a fact.
What about people who know lots of people who have sailed through this virus with no problem? Statistics are meaningless to some people if they don’t lose anybody. Why get a vaccine? As I started thinking about this way of thinking I found a startling lack of empathy. In some ways I find this similar to ableism. Both are based on an assumption of wellness and a lack of concern for people who are not so fortunate. Empathy became a major theme of my research. I don’t know how to teach empathy.
Our book has been delayed. It is now expected in March.

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  1. Chip Stewart says:

    I appreciate your thoughts. Indeed, some research seems called for on how to teach empathy.

    Kind regards.

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