What I have been exploring, doing Summer reading.

I finished the book I mentioned in my last post:

Case, Kim, ed. Deconstructing privilege: Teaching and learning as allies in the classroom. Routledge, 2013.

This is collection of papers, so each chapter is really a separate unit. As indicated in the title, the general topic was teaching privilege ie. getting students to think about privilege. Very worthwhile.

Taylor, Sonya Renee. The Body is not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. 2018.

This is a quick read. The author says some really important things about intersectionality and the importance of radical self acceptance. As a disabled person, I really connected with many of the things she said.  I recommend it. An important reminder to stop apologizing for my body.

Boyle, James. The public domain: Enclosing the commons of the mind. New Haven, Conn.; London: Yale University Press, 2008.


I haven’t finished it yet. His reasoning is dense and complicated. I am taking careful notes, in order to follow his reasoning.  I am reading this because I began to feel the connection between OER and social justice.  It’s also important, for accessibility reasons. (As an example, I am currently not reading anything that I cannot get digitally.)





One thought on “What I have been exploring, doing Summer reading.

  1. LibDejean says:

    An impressive reading list! I will look for The Body is not an Apology and will explore the essays about OER. Thank you for your recommendations! I also only read digitally at this time.

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