Part of the journey of “adaptive librarianship” is continuing to renew my commitment to self-acceptance.  Can I rejoice in my abilities and let go of my limitations?  Just putting words around it is part of the journey.
I spoke at the CUNY Diversity and Inclusion conference last Friday. I wanted to underline that no one should be judged by outward appearances. So I began with a list of things that I do really well…
Information Structures
Teaching / Mentoring / Love
Management of Details
These are the gifts I bring to the table. Many map back to my librarianship. I am so grateful to have found something that I can do well.
 Particularly writing is more and more important to me recently. Once the current article that I am working on has been accepted, the next project in my disabilities studies research will be a book. Having produced two articles in quick succession, I am ready for the longer format.

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