The Decision to Push 

My Carbon Fiber Rollator
The Spring of 2016 was earth shattering and terrifying. Previous to that time I could pretty much guarantee that if I fell, I would not fall for another 6 months or a year.  In the Spring I started to fall, at one point twice in one week.  I lost confidence in my ability to navigate outdoors. (This is very profound because my husband and I have chosen a lifestyle that requires walking.) I went to my annual conference and I fell badly while I was gone. I was willing to try anything when I got back.  Someone on Facebook suggested a rollator. I borrowed one from somebody in my neighborhood, and went out and bought one within just a couple of days.
My rollator is there at the end of the day when my gait has deteriorated. My rollator carries my stuff. This is important because I live with spinal arthritis. It was actually getting the stuff off my back that persuaded me to change.  It’s also social engineering. It helps people see that I need help. And I can sit on it when necessary.
That being said, I have just recently realized that my life accepted my wheels without much trouble. My usual route is over to the train station (it’s a longer walk to roll to the platform, but it works). The transfer at Newark across the platform to PATH works. I then come up through the WTC station. I roll up the ramp at BMCC and take an elevator to my office. I rally appreciate that my job is accessible.  I recognize many are not.
Stairs? I lift my rollator up 3 stairs into my house all the time. I can do subway stairs if I need to, but I don’t consider it very safe.  Yes, people do help me about 75% of the time.  I don’t know if I would have made the same choices if I needed to do subway stairs all the time.
I now have cervical spinal stenosis.  This is going to make me more clumsy. I now need my wheels more than ever.

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  1. Margot says:

    Hi Professor,
    Cool post! I tried one of these and hated it but glad it was a success for you.

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